Frequently Asked Questions

What do I use Concealer for?

  • To cover up acne, dark circles, age spots, scars, hickies, tattoos, or pimples on your face.

Isn't this just makeup?

  • Yes this is concealer, a type of makeup, designed by men for men.

I'm a guy... and this is makeup?

  • It's okay, we get it. We believe in discreetly enhancing how you look without compromising masculinity.

Why would I use this?

  • There are very few options for men who want to cover up bad skin, we're providing an easy solution. No one wants to go out with a bright red blemish on their face.

How do I apply this?

I'm stuck between two shades, which should I pick?

  • Great question! Go for the lighter of the two, the product will deepen in color as it sits on your skin. Therefore lighter is a safer choice. 

How long will one concealer last?

  • We typically see one concealer last from 6 months to over a year depending on how much you use on a daily basis.

Why don't you carry more products?

  • We are designed for ease of us. This is intended for the everyday guy who just wants a quick solution to cover up any imperfections. Simple to apply and use.

Why aren't there more colors?

  • Again, simplicity. Too many options can make it confusing to pick out your color online. We keep it clean with three shades to select from.

I don't know what I'm doing.

  • That's not a question, but we hear you. It's as easy as putting the concealer on your finger, applying it to your face, and dabbing it in with your finger to blend.

How do refunds work?

  • We do not offer refunds at this time.

I have another question!

  • Please send us an email at

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