About Us

About our Products:

Our concealer and hair tint are formulated, manufactured, and distributed in Southern California.

About the Founder:

I founded this company with the belief that men need a solution to cover up acne. I wasn’t lucky enough to have perfect skin and was embarrassed and self conscious leaving the house with acne on my face. I regretted going out and wanted to hide when I did. After years with a face full of red marks, it dawned on me, why don’t I cover it up with something? After hours of internet research trying to learn what exactly I was looking for in the crazy world of makeup, I realized concealer was all I needed.

Nothing made me feel more out of place than trying to pick the correct product in aisles that were clearly only for women. After taking my best guess and picking one, I proceeded to the cashier who then made a joke about who I was buying it for. The shame and embarrassment I felt for wanting to cover up my acne as a guy just felt plain wrong. I knew there had to be a better solution, but we haven't had much until now. Unfortunately the makeup industry is very overwhelming for a regular guy like myself that just wants to hide bad skin.

That’s why I created Corrector For Men. With three straight forward shades for men to easily chose the right product to efficiently and effectively cover up any blemish. It doesn’t need to be complicated and I hope you see the same value as we do here at Corrector For Men. It’s that easy.

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